Airplay, News, Features and Reviews – A Thank You.

Nicotine Pretty at Gwdihw, Cardiff by Kevin Conrad Pick Photography

It’s been a pretty nuts week for the band. We chucked out our self-titled second DIY single for free last Sunday and the response has blown us away. As a new band starting out we were taken aback by the reviews, airplay, features and love thrown at our punk power-popping ways.

A proper big glass of “thank you very much” to…

• Pure Rawk for Video of the Day.

• Vive Le Rock for the feature.

• Mark Ashby on The Uber Rock Sunday Brunch in Belfast.

• Veglam in France for the single reviews.

• The Punk Site for the news article.

Paranoid Squirrel on Rock Radio UK.

• Terriers Teardown on Rock Radio UK.

DJ Ghost on Neue Regel Radio.

• Paul Cairns at The Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Radio Show on BRFM.

• Decibel Shower Online for the vox pop.

• Ben Gallivan and Bill Cummings at Citizens Band Radio for culminating the tidy week with the ‘Healthy Mind’ gig. We hope loads of cash was raised for Radio Glamorgan and Cardiff Mind.

Kev Pick for the photos at Gwdihw, Cardiff. You can view the full set here.

• Alec at Crazy Cowboy for the pints! Roll on Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour in Cardiff in a few weeks. The last few tickets are here.

Glunk Records for the support and guidance.

• And last but not least, YOU! Yes, YOU!!! For the listens, downloads, words, likes, shares… YOU ARE WELL TIDY!

Much L.U.V.


“Soul” on the Radio.

Nicotine Pretty - Ginge Knievil in Dungeon

“Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?” has received it’s fair share of airplay on the underground airwaves since release and is now currently on rotation on Hard Rock Hell Radio. A shout-out also to the following for the spins over the last few weeks:

• Paranoid Squirrel on Rock Radio UK.

• Ceri’s Rock ‘n’ Metal Show on BrFM.

• Citizen’s Band on Radio Glamorgan.

• Mark Ashby on Belfast Underground Radio.

• Brutha Voodoo’s Playlist Obscura on shmuFM.

• The Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Radio Show on BrFM.

Head over to our audio page to grab a download.

Gigs in Newport, Cardiff and London.

Upcoming Gigs Poster MINUS EVI

We have some pop concerts booked. Here’s the details:

Thursday 8th June 2017 @ Le Pub, Newport w/ Otis Gibbs (USA). Full info (including ticket links).

Sunday 16th July 2017 – Healthy Mind: Radio Glamorgan / Cardiff Mind Fundraiser @ Gwdihŵ, Cardiff w/ Falling Stacks + Mike Dennis + Little Rêd + ANi GLASS + more. Full info (including ticket links).

Saturday 19th August 2017 – Some Weird Sin @ Windmill Brixton, London w/ Los Pepes + The Sly Persuaders + Ming City Rockers + The Empty Page + The Fiascos + White Ape + Calva Louise + Kid Slug. Full info including ticket links)

Hope to see you there.

Cardiff Gig Announced.

Nicotine Pretty @ Healthy Mind, GwdiHw, Cardiff

We’ll be opening proceedings at Gwdihŵ Café Bar on Sunday 16th July 2017 for a live music, spoken word and open mic all-dayer in aid of Cardiff Mind and Radio Glamorgan.

Also confirmed thus far are…

• Falling Stacks.
• Mike Dennis.
• Little Rêd.

More acts to be announced soon. Keep your eyes peeled to the Facebook event page.

Would be great to see you in support of these two worthy causes.