Drums A-Go-Go for Debut E.P.

Ritchie Phillips - Nicotine Pretty

Our Ritchie starts hitting his lovely, sparkly Gretsch drum kit again tomorrow as he continues to lay the foundations for our debut E.P. We’re a little bit excited and can’t wait to get it out there! You can follow the progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Meet Ritchie.

Ritchie - Nicotine Pretty

Meet Ritchie. He’s the new Nicotine Pretty drummer. We’re two practices to the good (or bad) at Manic Rehearsal Studios in Bridgend and things are sounding punky power pop tidy. We’ll be with you all as soon as!


Introducing Paul Black…

The drumming man, myth and legend that is Paul Black is on it! He’s been in The Dungeon, the rings were off and he banged through the set 7 times on the trot! The man’s a machine!! Exciting times as it all comes together.

Also, we’ve another gig booked, this time in that London come August 2017. Hopefully the promoters will go live with the details soon.

Much R ‘n’ R love as always.